Delivery and Pick Up

Delivery charge $20 for the order first week (3 Delivery / per week). Free delivery for additional 2 and 4 weeks. All meals are prepared on the day of delivery and delivered from 6pm to 11pm


Bags and Ice Gel Packs

In order to increase the quality of our product, you will start receiving your meals in thermal bags with gel packs.  On the next payment cycle, each client will find an additional one time fee of $5.00 for the cost of the thermal bag. Again this fee will be applied only once. Each client must exchange all bags and gel packs next day when the delivery brings the food properly packaged in the thermal bag with freeze gel packs, in this case replacing the one you receive from previous day.

Bag Return POLICY

Clients need to leave bags and ice gel packs out for pickup on their next delivery date. Clients agree to never have more than 2 bags in their ownership at any time during their enrollment. Clients having 3 or more bags in their ownership at any given time might be charged a $10.00 expense for every bag out surpassing 2 bags at that specific day. All bags and ice packs must be recovered on your last delivery.

Toward the end of administration, and after one endeavor to gather all exceptional FitEatMiami bag, a $10.00 per pack non-refundable unreturned bag expense will be charged for every bag client currently possesses. Unreturned bag expenses will be charged on the Credit Card we have on record.

Contact us: 

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