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I was pleasantly surprised, as the company is young, I thought that there would be problems. It turned out just fine. I rarely write reviews, but this one was from the heart. Thank you, after 2 weeks of nutrition, my skin became better and I feel great. Considering my work, I am always in non-stop mode and you helped me take care of the body.


I treat the rations very well, I actively use @fiteat delivery. For all the time I used it, I realized how diverse even a fitness diet can be, and besides the excellent taste, I get a huge time saving. And you don’t find some ingredients in our stores in the daytime with fire - well, where can you go after work in the evening to look for lamb meat or normal seafood? Of course, if you wish, everything is possible, but in my case there is just no desire to spend time on this, therefore @fiteat is a real way out.


Not a long time ago, I found Fit Eat, a healthy food delivery service, and, honestly, was delighted. I was skeptical about all the services for the delivery of healthy food. I thought, I could eat at home in fast foods, but considering my costs I realized that ordering food at @fiteatmiami is cheaper and it saves my time. Undoubtedly, it is very tasty and good for my health. Thank you @fiteat for a delicious healthy diet.


Proper nutrition is 70% of your sporting success. Since I am engaged in crossfit, I began to actively promote proper nutrition and adhere to it. A colossal part is occupied by nutrition in my training process, for it is important for me that my body and muscles work in their own aisle. In constant hectic, we often forget or do not have time to cook something for ourselves, or it is simply not convenient to take a bunch of containers with us. ...


“I love to eat, but not just to eat, but something tasty. And I also love to cook, probably from this I often go to the grocery store, to restaurants and order food delivery home. Food is a very important part of my life - it makes me happy, inspires, so sometimes you have to stop and sit on fasting days. On my own it doesn’t work out very well - in the evening, it starts to pull for a sweet or some snack. And when you go to the store - there are temptations to buy something besides what you need. ...


Thank you @fiteatmiami for a very good service. I used learned how to eat regularly. The constant lack of time, travel and many meetings didn’t give me time to eat. Now my food is always with me. Delivery is always on time. The food is healthy, always varied and very tasty. Recommend)